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Surfactant and Acid Removal

The main cause of fuel-water separator failure in ULSD, biodiesel and aviation fuel is increased fuel surfactancy. Many additives including rust inhibitors, lubricity agents, FAME and anti-wear additives are surfactants. Surfactants form strong associations with both fuel and water, lowering IFT in the process. Because surfactants reduce IFT, coalescing and water separation effectiveness is diminished. Surfactants create small enough droplets of water to form and pass through the coalescing media rather than attach and coalesce. To remedy this problem, Fuller’s Earth clay filtration can be used as a prefiltration to coalescing and water separation. The downside is the low flow requirement. Clay needs no more than 8 gpm to work effectively. While the process is slow, the benefits are substantial. Clay filters also remove acids, varnish and other oxidative properties from fuel.

Investments in CleanFuel management are necessary. No matter what kind of fuel, they all require attention. Understanding the problems associated with fuel and then embracing the need to have a Fuel Quality Management program in place are paramount to reduced costs and liabilities. Let Dixon Pumps help you. We offer ready-made and custom solutions for achieving CleanFuel!